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Serious Inspection and carefully pacakges

Serious inspection and carefully packages :

Absolutely! Xiamen CHStone takes the inspection and packaging process seriously to ensure the highest quality and safe transportation of their stone blocks. 

Here's an overview of their inspection and packaging practices:


CHStone employs a team of experienced technicians who conduct thorough inspections of each stone block before it leaves the yard. They meticulously examine the block's dimensions, structural integrity, color consistency, and any unique characteristics. This inspection process guarantees that only premium-quality stone blocks are selected for further processing and delivery.To ensure each piece of the basin,sink,tub will get the first class quality with extrem patterns.


Quality Control:

To maintain consistent quality, CHStone adheres to stringent quality control measures. They have established quality management systems that comply with international standards, such as ISO 9001. These systems ensure that every stone block meets the specified quality requirements, providing customers with confidence in the product they receive.

Each item sinks,bathtub,pedestal sink with the reasonable and acceptable quality. Long,width,thickness and each holes keep in +/- 1-2mm.



CHStone recognizes the importance of proper packaging to protect the stone blocks during transportation. They utilize industry best practices and employ skilled workers to carefully package each block. The packaging materials are chosen based on the specific characteristics of the stone to provide optimal protection against potential damage or breakage.

Each stone sink with unique polyfoam box and cartoon box and outside with wooden crate.



Secure and Stable Containers:

When shipping stone blocks, CHStone prioritizes secure and stable containers to safeguard the integrity of the product. They work closely with trusted logistics partners who have expertise in handling natural stone shipments. The containers are equipped with appropriate padding, bracing, and securing mechanisms to minimize any movement or potential impact during transit.


Customized Packaging Solutions:

CHStone understands that different stone blocks may require specific packaging considerations. They offer customized packaging solutions based on the size, shape, and fragility of the stones. Whether it's using foam inserts, crating, or protective coverings, CHStone ensures that each stone block is packaged in a manner that guarantees its safety and integrity throughout the journey.



Documentation and Handling Instructions:

To further ensure the safe handling of the stone blocks, CHStone provides comprehensive documentation and handling instructions to their logistics partners. This includes clear labeling, handling guidelines, and any specific instructions for unloading and storage. By providing detailed information, CHStone minimizes the risk of mishandling or damage during the transportation process.

By prioritizing serious inspection and careful packaging, Xiamen CHStone demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality stone blocks while safeguarding them during transit. Their meticulous approach ensures that customers receive the natural stone products in pristine condition, ready to be transformed into stunning architectural and design projects.

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